DIY Bath Bombs

Day 17 Oils & Joy Advent Calendar

Most of the times I believe that bath bombs are to beautiful to use…
of  course after awhile I use them but, I really value these bombs. Are they not wonderful, when they dissolve, develop bubbles n the water and fill the bath tube … the whole bathroom with their relaxing scents 🙂

I admit… I am a BIG fan of bath bombs…
That much I like bath bombs for myself … as much I absolutely love to give them as presents… probably because I enjiy them that much and honor every single one… and the the miracle behind it… So if you want to give something nice as a present, give a bath bomb.
it is not only that bomb itself, it is the whole idea of one relaxing bath with it. So give some Spa time to your favorite people, make them a bath bomb!

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