Total eclipse 2017

And the trip begins …. Kona (our friends loyal companion) is already very excited. We started from the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park, where our friends Alisa and Rodney live and work as Rangers. Ryan and I had already …

Minty Chocolate Delight

Something with chocolate, that is refreshing, delicious and counts as a breakfast. Let me introduce you to a wonderful solution and alternative to green or fruity smoothies 

Green creamy Smoothie

Green like Shrek! do not be afraid, this is a starter smoothie. Try different greens or different yellow fruit. And of course, if local and organic, please buy fresh fruits.

Tropical-Cashewmilk- Smoothie

I love love love smoothies in the morning, .. right after a run or workout, it gives me power for the day. This one is high in different proteins, absolutely diary free and soooo yummy.

The thing about recipes

Cooking, experimenting and creating is one of my passions, it calms me down, smooths my mind and my husband tries not to get in my way, “when I am doing my thing” and works …

Daily Meditation App

Since I started meditating – just for 10min a day – I feel more focused and calm. Just a little time that I spend on myself before I start to work. It clears my mind and