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Cornelia Mikolash

  • Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
  • 385 210 0818

About Me

Hi, this is Cornelia Mikolash.
I am a holistic health practitioner (HP), wellness coach and founder of Life Balance Passion.
My passion is to help people to become more  independent when it comes to wellness and abundance for the whole family including pets and homes. "Empower people to help themselves".

Originally I am from Germany, I studied and lived in cities Berlin, Munich, Regensburg and Hamburg, which I consider as my home town. My parents and brothers with their families live in that area.

Holistic or alternative medicine, as we say, is my passion since 2000, when I had health issues and got a lot of help by alternative medicine. It was so mind blowing and obvious for me, that I started to study it and opened my own practice. For those in medical treatment, I partnered with their treating MD or therapist, to work together. Just wonderful. Helping others is such a grateful job.

My own journey brought me to the US in 2015 - my husband and I live in Salt Lake City, UT - we love to travel, explore the outdoors on biking or hiking tours - a perfect place for us to be.

With classes and talks people get empowered. When you know better you will chose differently and make decisions, especially when you want to change something in your life.

Now, being here I am educating and sharing how to live more natural and harmful chemical free. Where to find toxins, how to avoid them and how to substitute.
There are different events, classes and private consultations that I offer. You will find them under events.
Check it out and let us talk.

I am looking forward to meeting you,
stay well balanced and healthy,