Recipe: Green creamy Smoothie

Green like Shrek! do not be afraid, this is a starter smoothie. Try different greens or different yellow fruit. And of course, if local and organic, please buy fresh fruits.

Ingredients for 3 cups:

1,5  cup frozen Mangopablo (44)
2 cup filtered water AND ¼ ripe Avocado
1 TBS coconut shreds
2 handful baby spinach (mix with red beet greens)
(1 tsp raw honey – might be very sweet)
1 TBS coconut oil
1-2 drops of Lime Essential Oil (or other citrus oils)
1 handful of icecubes


  1. all ingredients into the blender, the green leaves on top
  2. blend for about 1-2 min until smooth
  3. add the icecubes
  4. blend again until crushed and frothed

If the greens give you a hard time, add more water!