Total eclipse 2017

Monday morning, August 21st 2017
We planned for this a long time ahead and were excited to start this day!

And the trip begins …. Kona (our friends loyal companion) is already very excited. We started from the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park, where our friends Alisa and Rodney live and work as Rangers.

Ryan and I had already driven up there during the night from Friday to Saturday from Salt Lake City, UT. We decided to travel during night to avoid all the traffic. It worked out well for us.

ready to go!

We knew, that down in Jackson all rooms and campgrounds have been sold out for weeks, so our plan was to find a spot in the “Totality Zone” which brought us to “Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming”

Nothing really to see, when you watch with bare eyes. But believe me the sun is already covered by more than 60%

We headed towards Leeks Marina at Jackson Lake (and its famous Pizzeria for delicious food :)) to find our spot right in time to settle up the teleskop.
Ryan had worked on that for the last couple of months and found the necessary solar filters. With that AND the eclipse glasses, that we all had in addition, we were perfectly equipped to experience this rare occasion!

Use your eclipse glasses and you will see.

Or the amazing telescope with sun filters, that Ryan had assembled within the last 6 months.

it’s getting colder…

and darker…

All the starts were out there, the light dark, diffuse, greyish. SUch a magical 1:30 secs

And then this!!!