Warm Ginger Red Beets Smoothie

Promised is promised!
Here is is, a Warm Ginger Red Beets smoothie.
Talking in lectures and with friends at the gym about smoothies and that I would love to create a Warm Smoothie… tataaaaaaa…

It took me a while and some crazy creations, but this one is delicious, if you like Red Beets… and Ginger.. Lets see, what is in it:

2 cups hot water (please make sure that your blender can handle hot water)
1/2 Red Beet
1 small Apple
1 Carrot
2 small Oranges
1 small bulb of Ginger
1 Pear (optional)
1-2 drops Vitality Orange Essential Oil (optional)
1 tsp or more of Honey if wanted/needed

1.) Wash all ingredients
2.) Mix all ingredients together in a High Speed blender
3.) if it is to thick, add more water OR strain through a cheese cloth or nut milk bag

It is a big amount for one person, especially if you leave the pulp in it.
But I can tell you, it is belly warming, satisfying and delicious..
…. EnJoy!

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