Cornelia Mikolash

Founder of “Life Balance Passion – toxin free living”.

Wellness coach and educator
Holistic health practitioner (HP from Germany)
Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils and infused lifestyle.

“Empower people to help themselves”
My passion is to help people to become more confident when it comes to health and wellness decisions.

Originally I am from Germany, I studied and lived in Berlin, Munich, Regensburg and Hamburg, which I consider as my home town.
My family continues to live in Northern Germany.

Holistic or alternative medicine has been my passion since 2000. At that time I had my own health challenges and received a lot of help through alternative medicine. It quickly struck me as obvious, that I started to study it and opened my own holistic health practice.

In 2015 I changed my life drastically. Closed my practice, packed a suitcase and left my country. My life had come to an emotional dead end and it took all my courage to break up my ties, started all over again and married my love who shared my adventurous ideas of living.
For now we live in Salt Lake City, UT but being able to work my business from any destination that provides internet connection at some point, gives us many ideas where to travel and explore 🙂

With classes, workshops, webinars and my services people find out where to start on their own health journey. When you know better you will make different decisions, especially when you want to change something in your life. Knowing about toxins and where to find them gives people the chance to substitute and be aware what is potentially harmful and to avoid.
Also emotions, high stress levels and negative thoughts hold us back to our full potential and influence our overall wellness.

It is your responsibility to take care of your health, nobody else can do that for you when it comes to daily decisions, your lifestyle including emotions, stress level and way of thinking.

This is what I do:
– create more awareness about how to live more natural, happier and toxin free
– where to find toxins, toxic believe patterns and how to dissolve them
– how to avoid, change and how to substitute – how to become more aware.
Self responsibility means true independence.

Now it’s up to you!
Want to change your life?
you feel stuck physically or emotionally?
want to know where to start?
Let’s talk.
I am looking forward to connect with you 🙂
Take care, stay healthy and well balanced,

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even if you don’t see it yourself. ---Edmund Lee

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