Yoga essential oil infused

Whether you already consider yourself a yogi or are brand new to yoga, it has something to offer everybody—that could be increased flexibility, greater mind-body connection, or strength, for example. Implementing Essential Oils into your individual yoga routine or Aroma class is a wonderful way to transform your yoga practice into a more enhanced and uplifted journey through all your senses; smell, touch, hearing, sight and taste!

In this class
This is NOT a yoga class, we talk about different ways of using Essential Oils during your class to give you inspiration. You are the expert of your well being physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Get comfortable to include Essential Oils in your Yoga routine

What you can expect:
– Information: how to use Essential Oils
– Samples at the event to experience
– a DIY yoga mat recipe
– Essential Oils for a great start in the morning yoga session
– Essential Oils for an afternoon yoga session
– Essential Oils for an evening yoga session

Who should attend:
if you love to practice yoga and want to enhance your experience or you are a yoga teacher and want to offer an additional experience during your yoga session.

Who is Cornelia Mikolash?
I am a naturopath and natural health educator, originally from Germany. My mum is a nurse and yoga teacher, so I was exposed very early to sessions, poses and the philosophy.
I did not follow her passion, but experienced the benefits of yoga since 1995, different yoga teachers over the years, have been for me a great way to relax, focus and breathe.

Finally I am happy practicing yoga regularly. With the enhancement of Essential Oils I have many ways to support my body, mind and emotions and I just love the power of nature’s pure energy.